This program is currently under review and is not accepting applications at this time.


In May 2013, the Morton Theatre Corporation (MTC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, launched a partnership program to support other Athens area non-profits for the rental of the historic Morton Theatre. Ultimately, the partnership program is designed to be a positive partnership on all levels: 

  • to promote the Morton Theatre as a community resource and

  • to support an opportunity for important and diverse programming that will educate and enrich current and future Athens-Clarke County populations and communities.


  1. Before applying for the Partnership Program, ensure that the required Morton Theatre rental procedures are followed. The Morton Theatre Corporation will consider all eligible nonprofit organizations, with priority consideration given to organizations serving in or near Athens-Clarke County communities.

  2. To apply, applicants must submit the MTC Partnership Application.

  3. Email or mail all of the following items to or to Morton Theatre Corporation, Attn: Partnership Application, P.O. Box 1723, Athens, GA 30603

  • an IRS statement that validates your organization's 501(c)(3) tax status;

  • an itemized budget for this proposed project/event; and

  • a list of other corporate and foundation contributors (if donor does not require anonymity)

Review Criteria

  • The MTC Board will review applications and make decisions based upon:

  • How well a project aligns with MTC’s mission

  • The artistic strength of the proposed project

  • The viability of the project, based on the applicant’s professional capabilities

  • Special consideration will be given to new applications and/or applications not previously awarded

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have a current 501(c)(3) nonprofit federal tax status

  • Have at least two years of proven professional experience

  • No current employees or board members of MTC, Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, or immediate family members shall benefit financially from this partnership

Program Benefits

  • Rental rate calculated at forty percent (40%) of the approved rates

  • Program/event will be covered under MTC event insurance

  • Marketing assistance

  • Tickets sold through MTC Box Office (required)

Awardee Requirements

  • MTC Logo placement on all advertisements

  • MTC reserves the right to approve all forms of publicity connected to this event. Each publication, press re-lease or other media promoting this event must include an acknowledgment of The Morton Theatre Corporation’s support and disclaimer such as “This event is sponsored in part by the Morton Theatre Corporation (MTC).”

  • MTC receives 10% of any box office proceeds

  • Direct solicitation and/or monetary collection, at the event, strictly prohibited

  • MTC is also not liable for any debts incurred by your group for this event

  • Program recipients are required to comply with the Morton Theatre’s Rental Procedures and Timeline.

MTC Mission Statement

Morton Theatre Corporation enriches lives and educates people through shared cultural and community experiences while preserving and honoring the theatre's rich African American heritage.