The Board of Directors is broadly based, being composed of Athens' business, civic, education and government leaders.  The Board came into local prominence by studying all facets of the rehabilitation of the Morton Building from its dramatic rescue for the wrecking ball to its restored position as a local landmark and gathering pace for the local community. Its management planning process for the facility stretches back to 1978. Since then, numerous board retreats, written studies and reports to the Athens-Clarke County Commission, as well as programs, collaborations, campaigns and facility rentals have taken place under the Board, under the existing management agreement.

Under this unique management agreement, the Morton Theatre Corporation acts as the leasing agent, returning 90% of the rental fees to Athens-Clarke County's general fund. The Corporation is responsible for raising money from individuals, corporations, foundations government grants, and other sources to augment the facility's operating budget, and to establish an endowment.  The local government is responsible for funding the staff, maintenance, and operation of the Morton Building as it is for any of its other buildings which provide a public service.

Through grassroots efforts, sweat, and on occasion tears have been produced to bring the Morton Theatre to where it stands today, and where it still has to go.

MTC Mission Statement

Morton Theatre Corporation enriches lives and educates people through shared cultural and community experiences while preserving and honoring the theatre's rich African American heritage.