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49th Annual Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation Historic Preservation Awards

DATE/TIME: Monday, June 4, 2018 at 6:30 PM

ADMISSION: Free and Open to the Public

SEATING: General Admission

DESCRIPTION: Part of ACHF's mission is to increase awareness of the value of historic resources to the Athens community. The annual awards play an important role in fulfilling that mission by highlighting the projects, and more importantly the people behind them, that keep the town's historic fabric vibrant. Attendees will be treated to striking before and after photos of significant rehabilitation projects, discoveries made during the projects, and the stories - there's ALWAYS a story - behind those projects. In addition, the ceremony recognizes organizations and individuals that have made significant contributions to historic preservation and local heritage in Athens-Clarke County, including long-term maintenance of historic properties, publications, and programs, and grassroots efforts.

PRESENTED BY: Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation

Facebook: @achfonline