The Morton Theatre Troupers program is a support and service organization for the Morton Theatre. A sincere desire to be involved in a major arts organization is all you need to become a trouper. No experience is necessary! You will be asked to volunteer as little as two hours a month or as much time as you would like.  There is no financial commitment involved, just your time, energy and enthusiasm.

The Morton Theatre Troupers program embraces many volunteers, just like you, who work together to provide a variety of high quality entertainment to the community. Whether you are involved in a production or provide administrative support, as a volunteer you become an integral part of the Morton Theatre. There are many volunteer opportunities available, depending on your interest and the amount of time you want to share.

Be a Trouper

  • Receive advance information on upcoming events and ticket sales
  • Get a chance to see top entertainment at no charge.
  • The excitement of seeing a production evolve and the satisfaction of being a part of it.
  • Learn new skills by trained volunteers and staff members.
  • The new friends you'll make and the sense of camaraderie you will feel with the people you work with.
  • Experience the atmosphere of a fabulously restored, 1910 Vaudeville theatre.